April 21, 2014

Javed sb, is k saath americans aur british logon ka doghla oan bhi bayan karain.

Kis tarah USA aik taraf baadshahat ko promote karta hay aur doosri taraf terrorists ko support.

Posted by Rao
April 23, 2014

Alas people who are in those brackets consider themselves above such misfortunes. Gaddafi’s downfall was the result of his demand for gold for oil at a time when US economy was in the decline and it was printing dud US dollars. He had also convinced the African oil producing countries not accept paper money but demand gold. However you are right that not even those who have acquired the status of extreme emperor could survive the wrath of the common people. Gaddafi seemed to have flipped during his old age and one wonders if he really was the revolutionary that he put out to be!! Also the Libyan and Syrian civil war is an example of how enemy states can stoke up unrest and conflicts by providing funds, arms and media propaganda. Gaddafi and his family may have been corrupted but for an apparently stable country to fall apart is something very tragic. Syria is yet another example. Pakistan should really take heed and I see dangerous connotations in the anti Pak Fauj propaganda orchestrated by US and India. Pakistan’s anchors must not indulge in irresponsible comments which may have lethal consequences. I can give a list of such media persons who have been corrupted and are behaving and acting like US and Indian agents!!!

Posted by Dr Qureshi
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