November 23, 2010

Ma Sha Allah, Javaid Bhai Qumain Jazboon say banti hain or Qaim Rehti Hain, aur Jazba Quaideen ko daikh kar paida hota hay,Jab Hukmaran Murda hoon to qoom kay tamam jazbaat bhi mar jatay hain. Murdoon say zindgi ki umeed rakhnay abas hay.Zindgi zinda diloon say milti hay, aur zinda dil doosroon kay lia jeetay hain. Allah kay wali dooroon kay lia jeetay rahay, aur waqat kay Qaroon doosroon kay munh say nawalah cheentay rahay.

November 23, 2010

Nice article Javed Sahab, infact all your articles contains some food for thought…
in this you have indicated a very serious matter of our common problem where we think that if I am ok the everything is ok. but this is not a thought of a nation and it can never be. the problem is that why not somebody taking any serious action against these problems? is everybody waiting for Khooni Inquilaab now? why Opposition is doing only criticism and nothing practical??? when ???

Posted by Muhammad Saeed Ahmad
November 23, 2010

Bat sari Ehsas ke hoti ha, jo ik bohat bari naimat ha,jo humaray hukamranoo k dilon main na paida hove ha aur ne he paida ho ga,,,,,,

Posted by Jabbar
November 23, 2010

جاوید چودھری صاحب
یہ رتبہ ملا جس کو مل گیا
ھر مدعی کے واسطے دارو رسن کہاں

Posted by Rao Bashir Ahmad
November 23, 2010

allah humarey hukmaranoo ko hadyat dey(ammeen)

Posted by farid
November 23, 2010

Salam. ap ko Free masons (Antichrist) par bhi aik coulumn likhna chaye..ku kay logon kay dajal kay baray may galat concepts hay jo kay molviuo nay un kay dimagh may bharay hoay hay ..for example kay wo khotay par aye ga ..u i hope u know about free maasons..u should even do a program on it..always politics talk doesnt make a good personaility.

Posted by Ali raza
November 23, 2010

Thanks alot ….Mr javed … once again you gave a high dose to this sick nation…but why we always see our hukmaran people ..even this type of faver even we can expect from our your best how much you can do.. ..iff only you can do for your people(family relitives area city or nation).

Posted by mujahid
November 23, 2010

Hamain WAHAN ka lahiqa hochuka hy yani Duniaya se mohabbat aur maot ko bhool gae.

Posted by Fahim
November 23, 2010

if our leaders had such guts then we were not beggers & dogs of america,we had self respect like Iran!!

Posted by Adan Zahra
November 23, 2010

A very thought-provoking column of yours. When our Politicians and their wives/families become ashamed of their malpractices and part-with their such malicious ideologies that they exhibit from time to time.

Posted by sohail soomro
November 23, 2010

jawed bhai jisme murda se umeed e sahara kia kije

Posted by sher m rehmani
November 24, 2010

السلام علیکم
چوہدری صاحب آپ کی بات تو بہت اچھی ہے غلامی پسند لیڈروں کا یہ کام نہیں جب تک ہم آزاد نہیں ہوتے اس وقت تک آزادوں جعسے کام کرنا مشکل ہے۔ کیا آپ نے کبھی سنا کہ کسی گلام نے پادشاہ جیسا کام کیا ہو ?

Posted by M ISHFAQ
November 24, 2010

can any one translate this in english

Posted by hasan
November 24, 2010

Assalam O Alaikum!
Javed Bhai! With all due respect, I believe that you have been emotional about your expression; what is required is the initiative for action.

Quaid gave us a vision, resulted as a country with his strong devotion. Iqbal gave us a dream, converted into reality with his relentless support; contribution.

We, as a nation are on the verge of losing our country due to the lost moral, cultural & above all religious values. The spirit of justice, sacrifice and devotion is lost in our limitless Selfishness.
Preaching is concurred by practicing.

Readers are your strength. You are showing us the “seed of humanity and humility”; you need to sow it. And little by little the Readers will become the food & water for the growth & strength.

When is the good time to start? NOW!

ACTION will remove the doubts that theory cannot solve!

I apologize if any of my word has hurt your feeling.



Posted by Shah
November 24, 2010

javed bhai buhat khoob, lakin agar humaray hukmran itney ghairat mund hotay to ye apney necklace turk khatoon-e-awel se pehley nikal kar peish kartey.Meri ALLAH se dua hay k wo in ko ap k column k zareya hi hadayt de.

Posted by muhammad nawaz
November 24, 2010

fozia gelani baray dil wali nahi tu kiya hoa is qoam me aur bohat baray dil wali aurtain hen jo name show kiye baghair kam kar gaein aue kisi ko pta bhi nahi laga.

Posted by umaira yasmin
November 24, 2010

dear now the necklace is present in showcase for some day but soon it will be in someone’s NECK……and will be stolen by the wife of our PM and a fake necklace will be place there…..

Posted by jimiwash
November 24, 2010

aysi jurat seraf imran khan main ho sakti ho our kisi ledar main nahi.

Posted by fahad
November 24, 2010

kahs aisa ho jae

Posted by Muhammad Saleem Glotar
November 25, 2010

well our leader and even we himself cant follow the gr8 people like her. its my wish and pray to ALMIGHTY ALLAH to bless us with the leaders like these ameen

Posted by shahid yaqub
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